An inspiring yet data-driven session that empowers your organization with the insights and tools to activate the power of Cultural Intelligence®️ as a driver of business impact and growth.

  • ○ Redefining the way leaders understand and apply an inclusive approach into their business plans.
    ○ Inspiring a profound shift in mindset that creates transformation from the inside out.
    ○ Providing practical tools and strategies to turn cultural trends into business growth.

Lili Gil Valletta

Award-winning latina TEDx speaker
Co-founder and CEO, Human Dot Plus and C1EN+

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Discover how to turn
culture into a force for
accelerated performance
and growth

“A great experience... one of the best trainings since I’ve joined Google”


"I am so glad I joined today. This is very interesting and informative"



“This session was terrific - this message and this thinking cant’t be overstated or emphasized enough”


"The information was beyond my expectation, and it really opened my mind to the possibilities of the kind of impact I can be involved in when it comes to establishing cultural intelligence within Vanguard"

Storytelling + Data + Humor

Transcending typical definitions of “diversity”, this session will empower attendees to embed a mindset of inslusion that will:

• Elevate every business decision

• Enhance carrer paths

• Foster creativity and innovation

• Improve your ROI

• Create a company culture of belonging

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Diversity is Overrated”