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With limited A/C budget and 6 years of silence that had undermined the brand perception and saliency, we needed to find an authentic and emotional connection with Black Teens and Tweens. We uncovered that our target audience was looking for ways of self-expression to share their passion for dancing, singing and playing music. However, they would not dare to take the spotlight and would talk themselves out of it. Black Teens and Tweens needed the encouragement from someone else to take the stage and reveal who they are. This was a perfect fit with Honeycomb brand standing with people to dare to be who they are.

Our Big Idea campaign, Shine on started a movement inviting teens and tweens to rise up and shine through national media, online and in-market activations (including sweepstakes, retail partnerships) within key DMAs (NYC, Atlanta, and Houston) where our target was the most concentrated. At the heart of Shine On idea, was a partnership with Jacob Latimore, at that time an upcoming rising Black Teen on his way to fame in the entertainment world, a triple threat as a singer, actor and musician, yet still very approachable. Jacob quickly became an aspirational coach for our target audience, inviting them to share their passion to express themselves through creative challenges on social media and concerts, meet and greets in market.

HoneyComb managed to outsmart the competition through a targeted and efficacious campaign, gathering 388M+ impressions, becoming #1 brand on instagram vs. peer cereal brands. The brand experienced 30% sales lift in NYC, 40% in Atlanta and 15% in Houston.