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Why should this matter to your organization?

The numbers tell a clear story. Given today's shifting demographics and market dynamics, it is mathematically impossible for your organization to achieve its full potential in growth and innovation without integrating the power of Cultural Intelligence® embedded into everything you do.


100% of population growth* in the U.S. is driven by diverse consumers, representing growing buying power and market potential.

Learn how to identify and measure growth opportunities and develop culturally relevant strategies, marketing and products that serve the needs of a changing world.


By the year 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials, who are almost 50% diverse today.

Design and foster a mindset and culture of inclusion that taps into the full power of everyone, everywhere at all levels from the inside out. 


86% of customers say they would trust a company more if it was led by purpose.*

Design strategies and campaigns that interconnect purpose, impact, and business. Engage and transform to unlock the power of purposeful-profits.

Watch the TEDx Talk, Diversity is Overrated!
by our CEO Lili Gil Valletta

Our Path to Cultural Intelligence® Acceleration

We empower you with the insights, tools, and roadmap to successfully activate Cultural Intelligence® as a commercial advantage for innovation and growth. It's not about doing more diversity training or programs, it's about knowing how to embed a mindset of inclusion in everyone and everything you do.


I don’t even know how what I am lacking or how much I don’t know

Understand where you are. Cultural Intelligence® assessment and benchmarking.

Be Aware

I know now where I can  improve and need to learn

Cultural Intelligence® primer. Becoming aware of the case for action and opportunity for impact and growth.


I understand and can do the task with effort.

Learning modules with data, insights, and tools created and curated to upskill. This begins the process of identifying business opportunities and plans of action.


I can do it without thinking, it’s embedded as a mindset!

Prototyping and execution of inclusive plans and KPI’s. Activating, measuring and rewarding progress and results. Practice and repetition embeds the mindset into everyday business.

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