About Us

CIEN+ is a woman and minority-owned marketing firm specialized in Cultural Intelligence® helping companies tap into diverse and high-growth markets through AI-powered market research, strategy, training, and creative advertising solutions.

We are driven by data and inspired by culture to empower our partners with Cultural Intelligence® to create deep, relevant, and meaningful connections that will help them unlock their full growth potential.
Where other firms are either completely left brain or completely right brain, we activate both sides to work as one, proving that a healthy balance is not only possible but imperative. The unifying factor? Culture.
 We strive to discover key cultural insights that we can use as anchors to develop strategic and creative solutions to connect and to move consumers to action.

Our Why

America’s shifting demographics

A new market reality calls for new ways to stay relevant and future-proof business growth. 

We believe it is mathematically impossible
for companies to achieve their full potential
without integrating Cultural Intelligence®
into everything they do.


of the U.S. population growth is
driven by multicultural segments.


Earning us broad recognition as an innovator and thought leader for Cultural Intelligence®

We are actively engaged with the communities we serve well beyond client work. From the United Nations to academia and mainstream news, we are proud voices elevating the power of culture and inclusion as a competitive advantage in business and society.


founded by former clients, who created the company they wish they could have hired.

Our CEO and co-founder Lili Gil Valletta arrived to the U.S. at the age of 17 with only a student visa, a suitcase and not a word of English. As a rising star in corporate America, she quickly became one of the youngest female executives at corporations like Johnson & Johnson where over her 10-year tenure she pioneered multicultural marketing strategies and founded the Hispanic employee resource group, HOLA. At J&J she met our co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Enrique Arbelaez who was inspired by the need to innovate and apply technology in an ever-changing marketplace. With that, the inspiration for CIEN+ came to be.
We are also a woman-owned and minority-owned enterprise.

Our approach to Cultural Intelligence®

by Data

Bringing together the discipline and technologies of consulting and tech companies

by Culture

Executed with the creativity
and agility of marketing
and advertising firms

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